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How much do you walk in a lifetime?

Fact - Average human walks 4 times around the equator
Pic Credits: © 2011 Barta IV | Girl On Tracks | CC BY-SA | Modified

Average human walks 4 times around the earth.

An average human takes about 7500 steps per day. If you maintained that rate and lived till 80, you would have walked close to 177,000 kms, in other words, at least 4 times around the earth at the equator!

We underestimate our movement – we actually walk a lot during an average day. I came to know of this when, one day, I carried my iPhone 6 around the entire 24 hours. The surprising fact was by the time I hit the bed, I had covered more than 5 kilometres!

To quote Robert Frost, “And many miles before I sleep”.

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