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He made thousands of dollars with a completely useless app

Fact - Armin Heinrich made thousands selling a completely useless app on the Apple App Store. His app was priced at $999.99!
Pic Credits: © 2008 Cristiano Betta | App Store | CC BY-SA | Modified

A completely useless app was developed by Armin Heinrich of Germany. It appeared on the Apple App Store on August 5, 2008 selling for for $999.99. The app, “I Am Rich”, simply displayed a 12 word misspelled message (below).

I am rich
I deserv it
I am good,
healthy &

It was pulled down from the App Store the next day but had already been purchased 8 times – only once accidentally.

Assuming seven of those sales were honoured which totalled $7,000, Armin Heinrich made a little less than $5,000. Apple, as you probably may know, takes 30% of the sales.

“I Am Rich” made Armin Heinrich rich very quickly… too many instances of “rich” in that sentence.

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