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Font face dictates intelligence of author?

Fact - Text presented in hard-to-read font face is perceived as coming from less intelligent author
Pic Credits: © 2006 Dmitry Baranovskiy | The Elements of Typographic Style | CC BY-SA | Modified

Text presented in hard to read fonts is perceived as coming from less intelligent authors.

The research paper in Applied Cognitive Psychology by Princeton University psychology professor, Daniel M. Oppenheimer, looks at many aspects of perceived intelligence. Font face is one surprising factor. The study shows that if text is in a difficult-to-read font, the reader perceives the author to be less intelligent. Thus, the more fluently you can read the text, the higher rating you would give to the author in terms of intelligence.

This can have implications on many things. For instance, text on web sites, brochures, books and, probably even, business cards!

You may not judge a book by the cover, but there is a high chance that you would judge it based on the type face used!

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