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The story and controversy surrounding Sex.com domain name

Fact - Ownership of Sex.com domain name was wrongly transferred to Stephen M. Cohen by Network Solutions. Gary Kremen, the legal owner, filed and lawsuit and eventually won the name back but not before Cohen had made millions of it!
Pic Credits: © 2012 Cliff | 554T5364 | CC BY-SA | Modified

Stephen M. Cohen tricked Network Solutions, the first private domain name registrar, to transfer the ownership of sex.com to him from Gary Kremen, the legal owner. Gary filed a lawsuit which Cohen eventually lost. Ordered to pay $65 million, Cohen escaped to Mexico but was finally arrested in October of 2005 in Tijuana and packed off to the US.

Another Fact: The domain name was registered by Gary Kremen in 1995 with Network Solutions. Gary is also the founder of Match.com.

The details: Stephen M. Cohen unscrupulously took control of sex.com by continually contacting Network Solutions over phone, email, forged letters and, finally, a fake fax. After illegally gaining control of sex.com, Cohen created a advertising heavy web site which, at one time, was getting 25 million hits a day and generating $50K to $500K per month.

And the book: The legal battle for the ownership of the domain name sex.com was followed by a journalist, Kieren McCarthy, who wrote a book about it in 2007 – “Sex.com”.

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