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Men prefer thinner women twice as much

Fact - When seeking a partner online, men prefer women who are thin twice as much as those that have a little more weight
Pic Credits: © 2015 Vladimir Pustovit | Model | CC BY-SA | Modified

Single men online prefer thinner women than fatter ones. This was demonstrated by a simple experiment.

Yvette Caster, 33, created two online profiles – one “fat” and the other one “thin” – for online dating. Result? Single men prefer thinner females twice as much.

The results are based on an online study. However, the same might be true for real life.

Women who haven’t been particularly lucky online may think of exercising regularly. Ladies, you may not get the man of your dreams immediately, but you would definitely be in better health with a nicer toned body in a couple of months!

This also proves that men are pretty shallow and influenced by looks rather than personality. Men after all, spend more time than women looking at profile photos.

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