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JavaScript is not at all like Java

Fact - JavaScript is very different from Java. Their names might be similar, the two languages have little in common
Pic Credits: © 2008 Dmitry Baranovskiy | the JavaScript Code | CC BY-SA | Modified

Though their names, JavaScript and Java, are similar, the two programming languages have little in common.

While he was developing the language Brendan Eich called it Mocha. He later renamed it to LiveScript. However, company bosses changed the name once again to JavaScript. This was a clever marketing ploy to ride on the popularity of Java, the “in demand” language at that time.

JavaScript, the most popular client-side language, was first implemented on Netscape web browser. The language was created at Netscape Communications Corporation by Brendan Eich.

Microsoft Internet Explorer runs it’s own version of JavaScript called JScript. The two are primarily the same.

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