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Fact - Listerine had once manufactured cigarettes under the same brand name!

Listerine once manufactured cigarettes

Fact - The Hawaii overprint note was a series of banknotes printed in the US during World War II. If captured by the Japanese, the banknotes would be rendered useless.

US printed series of banknotes to protect against the Japanese

Fact - The first employee of the Playboy magazine was artist Art Paul... the one who designed the bunny logo.

First employee at Playboy was the logo designer

Fact - Poor people play the lottery way more than the rich.

Poor play lottery more than rich

Fact - In Africa, to protect elephants from damaging their crops, farmers plant hot red pepper plants. This deters the large pachyderm hordes that can devastate on a field.

To protect crops from elephants, farmers plant hot peppers

Fact - Sitting straight up in a chair instead of slumping can increase self-esteem, change your mood for the better, lower fears and help in arousal!

Sitting upright in chairs is greatly beneficial

Fact - Close to 40% people with psychosis are left-handed

Close to 40% people with psychosis are left-handed

Fact - Calvin and Hobbes, the characters created by Bill Watterson, were named after John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes.

Calvin and Hobbes were named after John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes

Fact - Worlds first friction matches were called

Matches were called Congreves by the inventor

Fact - Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos originally named his company Cadabra (from Abracadabra).

Amazon was originally called Cadabra