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You can crack 11% of ATM cards – seriously!

Fact - 11% of ATM card owners have their password PIN set to "1234"
Pic Credits: © 2004 redspotted | ATM keypad 1/4 | CC BY-SA | Modified

Almost 11% people have their ATM PIN set to “1234”. This means, you can crack into their bank accounts easily!


Nick Berry checked about 3.4 million four digit ATM passwords and his analysis revealed that close to 27% people use one of the top 20 PINs. Berry was formerly a rocket scientist and is now the president of Data Genetics.

Also, ATM card owners have a penchant of using their year of birth as the PIN. All 4-digit “19XX” combination can be is found in the top fifth of the dataset.

FYI, there are 10,000 combinations to numbers 0-9 when arranged in a four digit code – from 0000 to 9999. Isn’t it shocking that such a high percentage of us like to keep things super simple – 1234?

Are you a culprit too?

This also sets me thinking. How many of iPhone users would have “1234” as the password?

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